From the dream to the reality of the video game


Video games internal development is led by the Group’s Studios:


acquired by Digital Bros in 2015, is a development studio based in Milton Keynes, UK. DR Studios’ team develops some internal IPs as well as supervises and coordinates the activities of the Group’s Free to Play segment.


is an Italian studio with a long experience in the development of racing simulators for major international car manufacturers. Acquired by the Group in 2017, the Studio develops the Assetto Corsa video game, celebrated for its great realism.


acquired by the Group in January 2021 in order to further expand the Free to Play division, Infinity Plus is an Australian studio based in Melbourne, creator of the best-selling video games Gems of War and Puzzle Quest. The latter boasts a community of over 32 million gamers around the world.


creativity and passion are the pillars behind the studio acquired by the Group in 2020. Previously known as Ovosonico, AvantGarden is the Italian studio based in Milan, creator of critically acclaimed and award-winning titles such as Murasaki Baby and Last Day of June.


based in Milan, Supernova Games is a recently established studio aimed at expanding some of the Group’s strategic IPs. Experimentation, technological innovation and cutting-edge, stimulating contents produced on Unreal Engine 5 are at the heart of Supernova Games.


based in Quebec City, Nesting Games is one the Group’s newest additions. The Canadian studio will work on the creation of RPGs (role play games) that are focused on immersion, great characters, powerful storytelling, and strong gameplay.


based in Brno, Ingame Studios is one of Group’s latest additions. IGS gamedev team comprise 70 people focused on the creation and development of the best atmospheric and cooperative first-person shooter games for PC and consoles using the Unreal Engine.