The video games market

The video games market

A constantly growing and evolving market

The video games industry is part of the broader entertainment sector. The global video games market has experienced an exponential growth in the last decade, generating $183.9 billion revenue in 2023 alone. By 2026 the video games market will reach an estimated overall value of $207 billion in revenue through the engagement of billions players worldwide. (source: Newzoo Global Games Market Report, January 2024)

The video games industry is an everchanging market with significant growth rates, linked to the continuous technological evolution. Today, gamers can play not only on PC and traditional consoles – Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo Switch – but also on Mobile platforms such as smartphones and tablets, and through Social Media.

The spreading of these new platforms has broadened gender and age groups across gamers, increasing the consumer base and has led to the development of new and different types of products dedicated to an increasingly heterogeneous audience.

Mobile gaming (on tablet and smartphone) generated almost $ 90 billion in revenue in 2023, while Console and PC video games should generated $94.0 billion combined (+3.1% YoY).

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